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COMPANY PROTECTION is the tool through which, with the cooperation of their employees, companies are able to identify irregularities, frauds, improper conducts, misappropriations and violations of laws and regulations.

COMPANY PROTECTION is a computer-based solution available to employees (as well as to clients and suppliers, if appropriate) to report, anonymously or otherwise, any concerns within the company.

A customized website whose administration is outsourced to SGR Consulting SA, is made available to the client business; through one or more access codes, the client's employees can report - on a strictly anonymous basis if they so prefer - any suspected frauds, improper conducts, misappropriations or irregularities committed with the company.

Every employee can report these behaviours and receive feedback on the reported issued, also anonymously. SGR Consulting is responsible for the creation and management of the reporting interface and, in consultation with the client business, for the formulation of the Code of Ethics, employee training and handling of individual reports, and also provides advice in areas such as business organization, human resources and corporate frauds.

Recent surveys have shown that the introduction of an internal reporting system like COMPANY PROTECTION allows companies to identify operational issues earlier and to reduce the number of frauds, with significant financial as well as reputational benefits. For additional information, contact SGR Consulting at:

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